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  • 10 March, 2016

    Emerging from the 10th most populous country in the world with over 180M people, Nigeria’s “Destiny Records Nigeria” and “Destiny Records Africa” are building a world classrosterofartists with the help of Blue Pie Records.

    Founder and CEO of Destiny Records, Judah Chiedu has been working with Blue Pie Records for over eight years and in 2014 he established his very own record label in Africa, called Destiny Records Nigeria named after his wife. Destiny Records Nigeria was developed on the belief that talent and good music will rise to the top. And this is certainly happening now for Judah’s label and its roster of artists.

    “Destiny Records was founded on my belief and desire to provide a totally transparent reporting process for artists and labels in Africa that will allow them to be able to develop new markets with global business partners.” Jude Cheidu, CEO Destiny Records Nigeria

    Ever since its formation, Destiny Records Nigeria has worked closely with Blue Pie Records to develop the systems and processes to streamline the ingestion of music and video clips over the internet. This global partnership has opened new markets in the USA, Asia and Australia to provide real opportunity for African artists and label partners that previously was not possible due to poor internet services and the high cost to open up these markets.

    With the help of Blue Pie Records and its 115 + distribution and media partners, Destiny Records has been able to grow and offer an incredible opportunity for its roster of artists to access these new markets. With most services asking for up to $200 USD a year to get an album and a single track out to the global music markets, this cost has prevented many artists from distributing their music. $200 USD is almost a months wages in Nigeria. Destiny Records has been able to offer a no cost up front business model to its artists and label partners, with thanks to Blue Pie. With this support and the help of the Blue Pie label teams in the USA and Australia, all of the ingestion costs have been paid for by Blue Pie, so the artists and labels do not have to pay for artwork, basic marketing tools or distribution fees upfront.

    “We are a label and distribution company that understands what it takes to make an artists successful and delivery of a transparent reporting process to the African content that has not always been available in the past. It is an exciting time for our company as we grow our business. Nigeria is an emerging 3rd world market and people do not realise that $200 USD is close to a months wages here.

    With the help of Blue Pie and my supporters here in Africa we have been able to offer a zero cost model for all artists to get an album or a single on the retailers and we pay all the costs upfront. This means artists that have limited budgets, but ones that are still producing incredible music can now access the global music markets and at least be able to get their music out to the world without having to pay delivery fees.

    We would like to extend a huge note of thanks to Blue Pie and the Australian Government for its support of Blue Pie and our label. We see a great future building and one that will have real change in our local market with this support. This program and the work that Blue Pie does in Africa does not go un-noticed and we expect to replicate the model into our surrounding African nations over the next 24 months. The market is massive and we are already swamped but we are excited about the future and what this means to our country and the artists we have signed.”
    Jude Cheidu, CEO Destiny Records Nigeria

    Check out Destiny Records Nigeria’s soundcloud with artist Mahansa with his song “I Can’t Breathe” below. This is just one of over 200 + artists that now enjoy the ability to reach a global audience without the huge cost burdens upfront that other outlets may charge.

    Mahansa with his song “I Can’t Breathe”

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