Dupree Koual

CEO | Founder: Real Touch Records
Business Development Director – Africa

Dupree Koual is a passionate individual with many talents and a lot of experience to his name. Inspired by music from a young age, he became a superstar radio DJ in Africa, and has demonstrated his vocal talents time and again with careers in both singing and rapping.

A flexible individual, Dupree is willing to adapt to the whims of an ever-changing music industry. As Dupree says: “Today the digitization of music is disrupting all sectors is proving an effective force in the multimedia industry. Therefore, Africa artists have to be ready to deliver their content around the world.

Dupree’s skills also extend to most multimedia software and apps, not just music. In his home country of Africa, he has worked as a TV presenter, an actor, and a film director. He knows what it takes to manage a large team. Working as a Radio and TV manager and combining this with his creative skills and logistical management experience ensures that he is a formidable person when it comes to production projects and getting the job done.

Dupree knows well what an artist wants as well as an actor when it comes to creating new music and turning their ideas into amazing visuals, and of course great music. His wide depth and understanding coupled with his great managerial skills means he gets the job done. These different hemispheres of knowledge synergize in such a way that allow Real Touch Records to grow and develop one of the best catalogues of Afrobeat | Afropop and World music from Africa today.

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