Real touch records is a digital label and consultancy agency that operate all over the world.

Our consulting services are designed to guide our artists and labels through the entire process of promoting and marketing their releases. Here you will find details on our partners and how we promote and market your releases to the market. Whether you’re debuting a new band or your established act is releasing a new effort, our concerted activities will start an early buzz. The Music Industry is in a continuous state of evolution. Every step of promotion and marketing is extremely important and warrants consideration.

Our services include:

  • Artist & actor management
  • Artist & actor PR
  • Artist branding & rebranding
  • Artist international image makers
  • Artist & actors booking

The Real Touch Promotion Team offers comprehensive promotion strategies that lend years of experience, commitment, persistence, and passion you can rely on. We invite you to call on us for a consultation to see how we may fulfill your individual needs.

If you would like to know more then you can email us by using one of the contacts in the contacts session or recordsrealtouch@gmail.com

Dupree KOUAL
CEO | Founder
Real Touch Records